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Belt Conveyor Systems

Belt Conveyors can be used for different applications of conveying Raw materials to finished goods; and at Dynamic Industrials these are specifically designed according to your specific needs.

The range of DXS belt conveyors produced by Dynamic Industrials is :

Trough Belt Conveyors for Bulk Material Handling
Through Belt conveyors are widely applicable in bulk material conveying over long distances, and the main users include cement, steel, coal, Lignite, various ores, mining, STP's and other industries. These are available in custom made designs can be developed up to 45 °troughs and 18 °elevations Offered with / without hoods, walkways etc. as per the project demand, most of the bulk conveying requirements are fulfilled.

Flat Bed Belt Conveyors
Flat Belt conveyors are generally used where the belts are supported with a metallic bed with a fewer rollers in between. In these horizontal conveyors, the point of loading and point of discharge generally have the same height. Special Provision of height adjustments are done on customers' demand.

Elevator Belt Conveyors
Elevator Belt conveyors also known as Inclined Belt Conveyors can be of different types and different angle of elevations. These are also a category of flat bed belt conveyors or trough belt conveyors. Here the Point of Loading & point of discharge are at different heights. Material can travel from low to highs or vice-versa. Here various options like Cleated belts, Sidewall + cleated belts, rough top conveyor belts are offered to clients according to the exact applications.

Food Grade Belt Conveyors
These conveyors are vastly used in Food Processing, food packaging, Pharmaceutical Industry, Meat & Poultry, where the food products are or might come in direct contact with one or more parts of the Conveyor System. The Hygiene type Conveyor Systems are manufactured in SS-304 Grade and food grade belts are used for conveying.

Packing Belt Conveyors
As the name suggests, these conveyors are used for packing or sorting of manufactured goods. These conveyors are equipped with working table on both sides of conveyors, enabling the packing / sorting process. Generally the individual packed goods are put into the designated cartons which are conveyed aside or on the same conveyor for collection at the discharge end. These kinds of conveyors have high application in pharma, food packing, automobile ancillaries, electronic & electric components etc.

Variable Speed belt Conveyors
To be put in a common man's language; it s a belt conveyor with alterable speeds. The speed is kept variable & adjustable through a VFD controller / change in Drive ratios as per the clients' requirements.

Double Deck belt Conveyors
Here the Conveyor is made with two tiers / belts moving in same or reverse directions. These types of conveyor systems have wide use in sorting /packing process.

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