A conveyor belt system can help transport goods and materials in both an upward and downward angles, saving time and effort.
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We manufacture sidewall & cleated conveyor systems that can be custom designed, developed and fabricated as per the specific application demands of our customers. We have the expertise to use all kinds of materials to support our end user's requirements.
These cleated conveyors are primarily used in indoor applications whereby bulk material / packed material is required to be transported to an inclined surface. Some of the examples are like feeding material like candies, tablets, fruits, granules, etc to FFS machines, hoppers, packing lines, inter floor discharge and many more. Arrowcon ® has the expertise to design and manufacture all kinds of conveyors to support our end user's requirements. These are manufactured in flat PVC or PU Belts with cleats and / or sidewalls or plastic modular belts with sidewalls and cleats. Our premium quality product has earned us reputation as the leading sidewall or cleated conveyor belts manufacturer. These are high application in Food processing & packaging, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Meat & Seafood, packaging Industry and so on.