A conveyor belt system can help transport goods and materials in both an upward and downward angles, saving time and effort.
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Dynamic Industrial is a prominent manufacturer of UV COnveyors in India. Apart from general UV Curing, our conveyors are equipped with UV lights of 253~275nm wavelength. These conveyors are highly efficient is killing all airborne and surface viruses (like coronavirus, SARS etc),, bacterias and pathogens and make the surface germ free. Arrowcon UV Conveyors and UV Chambers are highly beneficial and helpful in curbing the spread of these viruses. in all offices, hosipitals, hotels, restaurants, malls, big showrooms, schools, universities etc. The dimensions are good enough to disinfect almost all types of school or office bags, laptop bags, briefcases, suitcases, mobiles, sunglasses, watches, other electrnic equipment, food packets, lunch boxes, files, stationary and so on.
Arrowcon Ultraviolet conveyors use UV tubes with 253~275nm wavelength, certified for proper germicial properties