How do Arrowcon® Conveyor systems cut Labour costs?.

How do Arrowcon® Conveyor systems cut Labour costs?

Cutting labour costs has been often a constant struggle with manufacturing companies. Whether your business is a process / manufacturing industry, industrial or logistics warehouse, retail picking, packing unit, for even a food business, you need to ensure you have the suitable systems and processes in place which can help you optimize labour costs.
Arrowcon® Conveyor systems are a fast and effective way of efficient mechanical handling of goods for transporting them within a designated area. Conveyor systems minimize human error, lower workplace risks, and, most importantly, reduce labour costs with increase of efficiency manifolds. They have been proven to be useful in helping to move light to bulky or heavy items from one point to another within the production cycle. An Arrowcon® conveyor system may use wheels, belts, rollers, or a chain to transport objects.

How do Conveyor systems work?

A typical Arrowcon® belt conveyor system consists of a belt stretched across two or more pulleys. The endless or mechanically joined belt forms a closed loop around the pulleys so it can continually rotate. The drive pulley drives or tows the belt, transporting materials between the feeding and discharge points.
Most conveyor systems use a rotor (generally motor) that powers the drive pulley and belt. The belt attaches to the rotor with friction between the two surfaces. For the belt to move effectively, both the drive pulley and tail idler must run in the same direction – clockwise or anti-clockwise.
Sometimes a conveyor system needs to turn to deliver items to the designated location. Some unique cone-shaped wheels or rotors allow the belt to follow a bend or twist without getting tangled for these turns to work effectively. A plastic modular belt is also a good choice for these conveyors.
Before we dig deeper into how Arrowcon® conveyor systems can save labour costs, let’s look at some other benefits.

  • The conveyor system design allows for the transportation of heavy or bulky objects that may be difficult for humans to carry.
  • Arrowcon® Conveyor systems save time, ensuring a faster production cycle.
  • Since Arrowcon® conveyor systems can cover multiple levels, they make it simpler to move items up and down floors.
  • They are operationally safe.
  • A suitable Arrowcon® conveyor system is designed to be energy efficient and reliable.
  • They help to push products in a timely fashion through the various stages of production, ensuring a quick turnaround.

    How do Arrowcon ® Conveyor Systems reduce workforce costs?

    Industries invest in efficient Arrowcon® conveyor systems for several reasons – one of the prime factors being the savings in labour costs and process complications. A sound material-handling system can make product conveyance easier, cheaper, faster, and more efficient for everyone involved.

    Reduction in labour turnover

    There are many substantial advantages of automating manufacturing and warehouse processes with Arrowcon® conveyor systems. One of these is a reduction in labour turnover. Skilled warehouse staff is always challenging to find and retain; even when a company acquires them, it needs to spend money on their training before genuinely making a productive contribution. With Arrowcon® conveyor systems, companies can reduce their workforce and reap long-term savings.

    Reduction in Labour Cost.

    Additionally, labour can also be an issue in terms of cost. A workforce is expensive, and it is an ongoing expense for any organization. On the contrary, you only pay for an Arrowcon® once. From that point, the only actual financial cost of an Arrowcon® conveyor system is the power to run it and occasional repairs or maintenance, which is generally quite economical compared to the hiring cost of labour.

    Saves money on Payroll and Training

    With efficient equipment like conveyor belts in your factory or warehouse, you can assign employees to other tasks, which will, in turn, promote workplace productivity. Since you’ll need fewer workforce for things, such as material handling, assembling, and transporting, you’ll save money on benefits, payroll, training, etc.

    Reduces cost of injury at the workplace

    Accidents cause manufacturing unit injuries due to overexertion and improper material handling. Since conveyor belts reduce the need for physical labor, they also reduce the threat of workplace injury, thus reducing the cost of damage. Conveyor systems minimize your company’s threats of workplace accidents.
    Finally, automated conveyor solutions from Arrowcon® offer an increase in production speed which is relatively high compared to manual labour. Not only is it faster and more efficient to rely on conveyor systems for material handling, but it is also safer. Choose an efficient Arrowcon® conveyor system for your company today!